We are the Norwich Bully Busters
and we are working to stop bullying.
Our goal is to educate the community on the "Bullying Prevention Law" and school policies regarding bullying.
In addition to preventing violence in schools, ​we work towards providing the community with fun, interactive and low-to-no cost programs
for youth in and around the City of Norwich.

Visit our Programs & Events page to see what we have going on right now and how you can get involved.

To keep up to date with our events and to better reach us please visit our Facebook page:
The Norwich Bully-Busters empower parents, children, youth, educators, 
and the community to preventand stop acts of bullying and violence.

To provide educational programs that address the issues of bullying and violence.
To promote awareness of "The Bullying Law and School Policies."
To train parents, children, youth, educators, and the community in mediation techniques
 to assist in resolving conflicts.
Have you thought about getting involved in your community but aren't sure where to begin?
Look no further.
​We are always in need of volunteers! We need active bodies to help plan and run our various programs but there are also various ways to be part of our group from the sidelines. If you'd like to find out how you can become a part of our ever-expanding organization