About Us

Bully Busters started out as an idea among a group of parents on how to deal with the issue of bullying in their local school system.

In 2002 after a major incident at the middle school in town along with countless reports of children suffering several concerned citizens got together using the skills they learned at Norwich Human Services Voices for Families class to develop a group that could combat this growing problem. It all began with a conversation at a kitchen table about what could be done to help this community. Fourteen years later and here we are.

Our mission has changed throughout the years but our goal is the same: to continually raise awareness on what bullying is and to let people know it is cool to be kind. We approach this from various sides. Along with speaking in schools and to parents directly we offer a variety of programs and events that remind folks how to have positive and friendly fun where everyone is accepted -- often at little or no cost. On top of this we have also been able to pass legislation to further ensure the safety of students and children in the state with the Bullying Law.

We are not alone in this. Though we started out with just a handful of dedicated people, our membership now ranges through all ages and from concerned citizens to local organizations and even city and state government. All members are entirely on a volunteer basis as Bully Busters is a non-profit organization. We have been able to flourish during the last decade due to the dedication of our members along with various donations. We are built by the community and exist for the community.

For more information on what bullying is and its various forms please visit our 'What is Bullying?' page.

If you are interested in being a part of Bully Busters either as an individual, business or community group member or would like to coordinate a program or event through Bully Busters please contact us! We welcome you to grow with us.


Rose city resident: Debbie Kievits,
Founder of Norwich-based Bully Busters

From the Norwich Magazine, June 2016 EditionWritten by Zack Lamothehttp://www.norwichbulletin.com/article/20160606/NEWS/160609667

Debbie Kievits lives by the motto, “Kindness is magical.” Bully Busters, the youth faction of the Greater Norwich Anti-Bullying Coalition, has promoted awareness of bullying in the schools and in the community for 14 years. After being touched personally by the effects of bullying, Kievits, with a group of fellow parents and children, decided that there needed to be more cognizance of the topic of bullying. Through projects such as the Bully Buster Buddy Benches, programs in local schools, and involvement in numerous community events, Kievits and the Bully Busters have made a tremendous impact on Norwich.

Q: How did you become involved in Bully Busters?

Kievits: About 14 or 15 years ago my son and a number of local students were dealing.....